Salmon and Broccoli Bake

Salmon and Broccoli Bake

Salmon and broccoli (and Brussels sprout) bake
Salmon and broccoli (and Brussels sprout) bake: the final product

While a large part of the attraction of living in the city was easy access to numerous restaurants within walking distance, another part of the appeal was all the extra time we would have to actually cook rather than eating out or ordering takeaway (or that particularly egregious example of first-world privilege: home delivery!)

Getting settled into the apartment took us longer than we would have liked—somebody referred to it as “the longest move in history”, which may not actually be true but it certainly felt like it—but it finally happened!

We have already cooked several meals in our apartment, but tonight’s seemed worth talking about. Apart from anything else, it strikes me as a good way to save the link for later!

I was on my way to our local Coles supermarket, wondering what to make for dinner. Our staple recently has been meat with smashed potato and steamed vegetables—simple if a little boring—and I was considering going down that same old, oft-trod path when I realised I couldn’t: just to add to the expense of our move, our microwave died last night.

What could I cook without a microwave?

Before the move, I had a rather large collection of cookbooks; one of the many things I had to downsize. Of course, as M points out on numerous occasions, these days the internet is our cookbook. So, walking to Coles, I googled “salmon and vegetable recipe”. Long story short, a few refinements of the search led me to One-pan salmon and broccoli bake (by Miranda Payne) on

My Version

I didn’t make many changes to this recipe. I omitted the chili—M cannot eat anything hot—and I used brown sugar in place of the honey because we apparently didn’t bring any honey with us in the move. Also, I added some Brussels sprouts to cook alongside the broccoli, because—well, does anybody really need a reason to add Brussels if the chance arises?

The recipe says “serve with steamed rice”; as well as being short a microwave, we currently don’t have a pot smaller than a bathtub! Instead, I used up a couple of our pouches of pre-cooked rice (we brought them with us by the hundreds), tossed in some frozen peas and corn, and stirred them in a frying-pan over a low heat with a little oil and a knob of butter.

It was delicious! It was very well received, and M requested that I make it again sometime soon. In fact, we fell upon it so quickly that I completely forgot to take a photo before dishing it up. I’ll remedy that next time I make it, but for now the photo of the remains will have to suffice.

An almost empty baking tray with two thin salmon fillets and some green vegetables
All that was left by the time I thought to take a photo

As a bonus, of course, it was probably healthier than yet another takeaway, and it was certainly cheaper.

Second Attempt

The second time around, I used the honey that the recipe called for. I also sprinkled the broccoli and Brussels sprouts with sesame seeds, and sliced up a bird’s eye chili to garnish. I was a little disorganised, and the broccoli came out a little on the crunchy side, but all in all, it was delicious.

Ouch. Ouch, ouch, ouch, it burns, it burns…

Me. After handling the chili and then rubbing my eye.

Again, it was very well received, and it is likely this dish will become one of our regulars.

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